Climate control

Compost preparation and mushroom growing is all about achieving the optimal growing conditions.
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Dedicated climate control systems for the mushroom industry.

For optimal control during compost preparation and mushroom cultivation.

Dutch Mushroom Projects designs and manufactures dedicated climate control systems for the mushroom industry. With decades of experience and cost effective production technology, our climate control systems are specifically designed to your climatological and compost volume situation.

Available for phase 1, phase 2/3 and growing rooms, DMP is in the unique position to supply climate control systems according the highest standards and against most competitive prices.

DMP climate control:


• Spigot floor systems
• Fans and plenum ducts
• Spigot floor materials
• Exhaust and air filtration
• Full indoor ventilation


• Spigot floor systems
• Concrete grid floor systems
• Air handling units
• Integrated exhaust with a 2 position damper
• Central exhaust systems
• Over pressure ducts and shutters
• Over pressure units
• Cooling systems
• Humidification systems


• Air handling units
• Central preconditioning units
• Central duct
• Air distribution inside the room
• Overpressure ducts and shutters
• Cooling, heating and steam systems

Our climate control systems are designed and engineered to fit your specific situation.

Features air handling

Rounded edges for laminar flow improvement and energy saving
Ductwork AlMg3 and fully welded for maximum strength and durability
Stainless steel inspection hatches
Air dampers with aluminum frame and blades and stainless steel axles
Flexible design for fresh air and return air intake
Worldwide proven solutions that work in any climate


DMP climate control systems:

The highest quality standards.

For the most competitive prices.