Climate Installations

Compost preparation and mushroom growing is all about controlling the growing conditions and climate

Unique air handling systems for the mushroom industry

Minimising operating expenses throughout all stages of the process.

At Dutch Mushroom Projects we’re most recognised for: creating perfectly controllable conditions in which all the relevant influences and parameters are easily manageable while maintaining the subtleties of the process management as a priority.

DMP integrates all the necessary cooling, heating and steam units in the design and engineering to reach the installation of the complete works in one contract.

At DMP we strive to develop climate control systems from the highest quality materials, systems that are highly energy efficient. Systems are available for Phase 1, 2, 3 and growing rooms.

Climate control installations:

Phase 1 - Systems

• Spigot floor systems
• Fans and plenum ducts
• Exhaust and air filtration
• Full indoor ventilation


• Pressure from 3500Pa – 8000 Pa
• Air volumes from 10 – 20m3/ton
• Plenum ducts: available in PE, PP, SS or aluminium
• PVC pipes in the floor come pre-drilled ready for the spigots

Phase 2/3 - Systems

• Spigot floor systems
• Concrete grid floor systems
• Air handling units
• Integrated exhaust with a 2 position damper
• Central exhaust over pressure ducts and shutters
• Over pressure ducts and shutters
• Over pressure units for spawn halls
• Dedicated cooling systems for Phase 3


• Pressure from 3500Pa – 5000 Pa for spigot floors
• Pressure from 23500Pa – 4000 Pa for grid floors
• Air volumes from 200 – 250m3/ton
• Ductwork: available in aluminium or stainless steel
• Cooling coils: aluminium frames and fins, copper tubes
• Filters available in EU7 or EU9

Growing room - Systems

• Individual air handling units
• Central preconditioning units
• Central duct
• Air splitter and air distribution inside the room
• Over pressure ducts and shutters
• Cooling, heating and steam systems


• Pressure from 600Pa – 900 Pa
• Air volumes from 22,5- 25m3/m2 growing surface
• Ductwork: available in aluminium or stainless steel
• Cooling and heating coils, aluminium frames and fins, copper tubes
• Filters available in EU7 or EU9

• Main units
• Pre make up units
• Overpressure ducts
• Overpressure hall unit
• Exhaust


Growing room air handling units come preassembled on a frame
Specifically designed to suit your climatical and compost volume situation
Various custom made solutions available
Flexible design
Worldwide proven solutions for any climate

DMP climate control systems:

Our internal production facilities guarantee the best quality

For the lowest price.

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