We can assist you in preparing realistic financial and technical plans for your specific situation.

We're with you every step of the way.

We provide professional support during each stage of the growing process.
We specialize in the all the aspects of the mushroom business: - Phase 1 Composting - Phase 2/3 Tunneling - Mushroom growing.

Phase 1

We supply optimal systems for the fermentation process.

Phase 1 fermentation technology combines all the mixing equipment, moisturizing and fermentation in compliance with the most stringent requirements. 

With indoor composting, the process takes place in an enclosed environment. No air, water or noise emissions can be emitted without going through a series of scrubbers and filters. 

In order to meet the demand of tighter budgets we can also supply integrated outdoor composting solutions.

Phase 2/3

Excellent build quality & perfect insulation.

Our experience in designing and constructing hundreds of composting tunnels in all sizes and all climatological conditions all over the world makes us the natural choice for growers looking for this system.

Our team of specialists covers all the aspects of designing, engineering and constructing phase 2/3 tunnels exactly according to the client’s situation.

Based on optimal operating logistics and guaranteed high quality compost preparation we can turn any situation into a smooth operation.


The latest innovations in growing room technology.

Our growing room technology covers the whole spectrum of available methods: bags, blocks, trays or shelves for various strains.

Depending on the client’s wishes and local conditions, we design a customized growing method without compromising the achievable growing yield, guaranteed all year round.

Dutch Mushroom Projects, the natural choice for mushroom growers worldwide.

When planning for a new project or an extension of your existing composting or mushroom facility, please feel free to contact us.