Other products

We supply various products specifically for the mushroom industry.
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Various services, materials and accessories for your compost yard or mushroom farm.

And the best possible support before, during and after realization of your project.

Dutch Mushroom Projects offers a range of products specifically for your compost yard or mushroom farm. Aerated floor materials, gullies & drains, fans and accessories, duct work, steel structures & cladding, walls & ceilings, coating, control valves HVAC, watering systems, machinery, nets, lighting, various harvesting equipment & accessories, etc. 

We put emphasis on providing the best possible after sales service. You can always contact us for complete projects, systems or for individual equipment. Once your project is realized you can count on us for further assistance and supply of materials.

Continuous feedback and client support assures that our engineering facilities provide a solid and up-to-date foundation for any and all projects, anywhere in the world.

We offer extensive experience and the availability of constant support from people who know.

We can offer you a full range of individual products for the mushroom industry:
• Fans, air filters, duct work and air distribution systems
• Pumps, valves and servomotors
• Frequency drives and switch boxes
• Special tunnel and room lighting
• Coating
• Miscellaneous sensor types
• Spigots and concrete floor grids for aerated floors
• Compost retaining walls
• Machinery & accessories
• And much, much more...

Please feel free to contact us for possibilities and prices.

Additional products and services

From design to supply, we always put the customer first.

All based on extensive experience and up-to-date industry knowledge.