Growing racks

Premium quality aluminum growing racks designed and manufactured for your mushroom farm.

Custom designed growing racks, unique to your farm

Our growing racks are designed for heavy loads and less flex for a more even casing layer.

Dutch Mushroom Projects can offer you premium quality aluminum growing racks for your mushroom farm at a very competitive price.

Advantages of aluminum growing racks over conventional steel racks are superior durability and corrosion resistance, less weight for transportation, and higher residual value.

Our growing racks are designed for hand picking and mechanical harvesting, each come with clear and concise assembly instructions. Delivery to your farm and onsite assembly supervision can also be arranged.

Various options available

Aluminum growing racks

• Available in any width and height
• Distance between posts either 1,5 or 3,0m
• Different model side boards
• Standard or reinforced end posts
• Hoisting beams
• Aluminum end boards
• Lorry rail system for picking platforms/spraying lorries
• Suspension for spray lines on top
• Stainless steel fasteners to the floor / post extenders
• Anodized posts, side boards and corner trims

Our growing racks are available in various dimensions and designs.

Innovative design for easy picking

Based on years of experience

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